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Alvin Frank - In Love and Honour

I met Alvin in 2004. It was during our first meeting when he told me his testimony of how he came to be a Christ follower. In light of this testimony of God’s great faithfulness, a paraphrased version of Fannie Crosbie’s hymn comes to mind:

This was his story, This was his song, Praising his Saviour, All the day long.
Getting together with Alvin was never on regular scheduled bases, but rather sporadic, on ‘certain days and times’ throughout the year. “Surely this was orchestrated by the Lord”, I would so often think, moments after sharing time with Alvin in the Calgary downtown core.

Each time we met, there seem to be just one more story that I had not heard of. Oh yes, Alvin would often repeat the same story, as if to keep it alive, and fresh, testifying of God’s great faithfulness and mercies which came to him new every morning.

I don’t think ten years of knowing Alvin was quite long enough , and this why I miss him so. I long to sit down with him over coffee at the downt…

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