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A Reflection on the Rise of Fundamentalism

The rise of Fundamentalism occurred as a reaction to the growing impulses of progressive tendencies that emerged in the late 18th century onward. German higher criticism, along with prevailing scientific opinion, eventually found its way into the lecture halls of 20th century North American theological institutions. In some protestant circles, the faith “…once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 3) was eclipsed by the “social gospel” spearheaded by American Baptist, Walter Rauschenbusch. As people moved outward to embrace alternative ideas, philosophies and worldviews, many evangelicals withdrew inward from the world around them, doubling down on the traditional doctrines of the Christian faith (Dr. Ryan Reeves, Lecture 9-6: The Rise of Fundamentalism; Shelley p. 431). How should evangelicals embrace or reject the heritage of the Fundamentalist movement? I think we can approach this question with the balanced approach of both embracing and rejecting.  

We can embrace the heritage of…

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