Filled with Hope and Inspiration

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

I'm reading a book that is titled, "Through the Gates of Splendor", by Elisabeth Elliot. Like the Bible - the Book of all books - this true story of five men and their wives who go to the jungles of Equador as missionaries, is both compelling and inspiring. I often find myself thinking those young men and women who laid their lives down for a - Cause above all causes - to share the Divine Light of the Gospel in a remote region of the earth. I'm not even at the half-way point and the book has already had a profound impact on me. I find myself slowly reading through each sentence only to stop and open my Bible to a referred passage of scripture and focus, understand, or confirm what the Lord is speaking to me. I thank our Lord Jesus for those missionaries. I look forward to the day when I see Nate Saint, Roger Youderian, Ed McCully, Pete Fleming and Jim Elliot home in heaven - glorified in body, soul and spirit.

I know that I am being prepared for the mission field. Countries such as Japan and North Korea have been on my heart since the moment I was saved. There is a deep longing in my heart to boldly preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have yet to know Him personally. I pray that the Lord will continue to prepare, lead and guide me towards the work He has set out for me to accomplish in His glorious name. There will be a cost for sure...


Shane said…
Sounds like a great book. I am glad to hear that you are being so blessed there. I haven't read a good book like that in a while. I have been thinking about rereading the Heavenly Man over Christmas break. By the way that is a great quote!

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